How to Join

Joining Mid Cities Credit Union is easy!

  1. Confirm membership eligibility

  2. Complete a membership application card (signature card)/membership application (En Espanol). 
Provide (2) forms of Identification.

  3. Provide proof of ONE of the following: 

    a. Employment - with one of our sponsor companies (for example, paycheck stub).

    b. Family Sponsorship - requires the existing member's consent and account number.

    c. Residency - A proper ID with current address. 

    d. Worship - verifiable membership on church letterhead signed by the church Secretary, a Deacon Pastor or Assistant Pastor.
    e. Attend school - provide a copy of the current registration form and/or class schedule.

  4. Deposit a minimum $15 into your member savings account. 
$5 is a minimum balance to maintain membership; 
$10 is a one-time non-refundable membership fee.

Call the credit union today at (310) 638-5147 for a membership application.


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